Latinos in Rhode Island

An Introduction

Profiles of Rhode Island’s Spanish-Speaking Population

The 1960s became a time of much movement and growth across the country brought on by Black and Brown civil rights groups, the Women’s Movement, the Chicano Movement and the Youth Movement (flower power). In Rhode Island, that era was a time of growth and prosperity among countless of Spanish-speaking immigrants.

As mentioned in previous pages, the collection of oral histories for this project began 1991. The information we learned then led us to individuals who told us stories and shared their experiences about it what it felt like to be an immigrant from a Spanish-speaking country in the early 1960s. Subsequently, it led to more oral history interviews which, in some cases, allowed us to verify and support the information we were collecting as it unfolded. In other cases, we were led to other people with similar stories and it brought to life the collection of oral histories that have become the narrative you will read in the pages that follow.

Check out the historical timeline that we've been compiling and updating. This is where we will continue to follow-up on information that is shared with us through oral histories, documents and informal conversations.
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