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Paramount Cards Mill Complex


In the early hours of March 14, 2020 residents on Pine Street, on the Central Falls-Pawtucket city line, were awakened to see this view.

Wind-whipped fire quickly spread from mill building to mill building after starting at 3:07 am, getting dangerously close to homes and businesses in this tightly-packed neighborhood in the Conant Thread District as firefighters put up plumes of water to protect the surrounding area.

We are looking to interview anyone who may have worked at one time in the
Paramount Cards building, any residents who were directly affected by the fire or first responders. Our bilingual staff welcomes any and all individuals interested in sharing your story. Contact: Marta V. Martínez
Buscamos a personas para una entrevista que hayan trabajado en un momento en Paramount Cards o cualquier residente que haya sido directamente afectado por el fuego la noche del 14 de marzo del 2020. Nuestro personal bilingüe desea que todas las personas interesadas en compartir su historia, nos contacten en los próximos días: